Projects in the Philippines (1957-2017)

YearProject LocationClient /
Funding Source
MP, FSBD, DD, PMTC, Others
2004Flood Control Project Implementation System for Principal RiversNationwideJICAO
1977-1978Pasig-Potrero Flood Control and Sabo PlanningLuzonJICAO
1977-1980Flood Forecasting and Warning System in the Cagayan, Agno and Bicol River BasinsLuzonJICA, GovernmentOOO
1977-1985Mangahan Floodway ProjectLuzonGovernmentO
1979-1980Redesign of Rosario WeirMetro ManilaGovernmentO
1979-1992Flood Forecasting and Warning System for Dam OperationLuzonGovernmentOOO
1981-1993An Effective Flood Control Operation System Including Telemeter and Flood Warning System in the Pasig-Marikina-Laguna Lake ComplexMetro ManilaGovernmentOOO
1988-1990Flood Control and Drainage in Metro ManilaMetro ManilaJICAO
1989-1991Agno River Basin Flood ControlLuzonJICAO
1989-1994Retrieval of Flood-prone Areas in Metro ManilaMetro ManilaJICAOOO
1990-1991Ilog-Hilabangan River Basin Flood ControlVisayasJICAO
1991-1993North Laguna Lakeshore Urgent Flood Control and DrainageLuzonGovernmentO
1993-1995Flood Control for Rivers in the Selected Urban CentersNationwide (Selected Areas)JICAO
1996-1998Sabo and Flood Control in the Laoag River BasinLuzonJICAO
1996-2001Flood Mitigation in Ormoc CityMindanaoJICA, GovernmentO
1997Metro Manila Flood Control Project - West of Mangahan FloodwayMetro ManilaGovernmentO
1999-2002Rehabilitation of the Flood Control Operation and Warning System of Metro ManilaMetro ManilaJICA, GovernmentO
1999-2009Iloilo Flood Control ProjectVisayasGovernmentOO
2000-2007Pasig-Marikina River Improvement ProjectMetro ManilaJBIC, GovernmentOO
2000-2009KAMANAVA Area Flood Control and Drainage System Improvement ProjectMetro ManilaGovernmentOO
2004-2005Short-Term Expert: Formulation of Construction Supervision ManualNationwideJICAO
2006-2007Rehabilitation/Enhancement of Ormoc Flood Mitigation StructuresVisayasGovernmentO
2006-2008The Nationwide Flood Risk Assessment and The Flood Mitigation Plan for the Selected AreasNationwideJICAO
2007-2013Pasig-Marikina River Channel Improvement Project (Phase II)Metro ManilaJICAO
2007-2009Comprehensive Flood Mitigation for Cavite Lowland AreaLuzonJICAO
2007-2008Project Formulation Study on Program for the Disaster Prevention (Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Risk Management)NationwideJICAO
2008-2011Project for Flood Management Disaster Mitigation in Camiguin IslandMindanaoJICA, GovernmentO
2009Rio Tuba Tailing Dam Construction and Machinery SupervisionLuzonMitsui SumimotoOO
2009-2010Study on Sector Loan for Disaster Risk ManagementNationwideJICAO
2010-2011Mindanao River Flood Control Project (Part 1)MindanaoJICAO
2010-2011Pasig-Marikina River Channel Improvement Project (Phase III)Metro ManilaJICAO
2011-2012Master Plan for Flood Risk Management in Metro Manila and Surrounding AreasMetro ManilaWBO
2012-2015Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) Capacity Enhancement ProjectNationwideJICAO
2012-2013The Preparatory Survey for Flood Risk Management Project for Cagayan De Oro RiverMindanaoJICAO
2012-2013Pasig-Marikina River Channel Improvement Project (Phase III)Metro ManilaJICAO
2014-The Project on Rehabilitation and Recovery from Typhoon Yolanda in the Republic of the PhilippinesVisayasJICAO
2013-2018Pasig-Marikina River Channel Improvement Project Phase III, SA#1: Upper Marikina River Channel Improvement WorksLuzonJICAO
2014-The Programme for Rehabilitation and Recovery from Typhoon YolandaVisayasJICAO
2015-2017Industrial Area (Cavite Province) Flood Management ProjectLuzonJICAO
2015-Data Collection Survey on Drainage System in Metro ManilaMetro ManilaJICAO
2013 - 2016The Consulting Engineering Services for the Asistance to Procurement of Civil Works and Construction Supervision of the JICA-Assisted Pasig-Marikina RiverMetro ManilaJICAO
2015 - 2017Data Collection Survey for Strategy Development of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management SectorNationwideJICAO
2017 -Special Assistance for Project Sustainability for the Laoag River Basin Flood Control and Sabo ProjectLuzonJICAO
2014 - The Detailed Engineering Design of the Flood Risk Management (FRIMP) for Cagayan River, Tagoloan River and Imus RiverNationwide (Selected Areas)JICAO

MP, FS: Master Planning and Feasibility Study Projects
BD, DD, PM: Basic Design, Detailed Design and Project Management Projects
TC, Others: Technical Cooperation and Other Activities