Corporate Profile

CTI Engineering International Co., Ltd. is an engineering consulting firm which was founded in April 1999 in Tokyo, Japan, as one of the companies affiliated with the CTI Group, aiming to increase the Group’s share in the global market and further intensify its overseas business, especially, in developing countries receiving technological and financial assistance from international financing institutions. Its founder and first President was the General Manager of the former Overseas Department of CTI Engineering Co., Ltd., the mother of the Group, which was established in April 1963, but started as a foundation or a non‑profit organization way back in 1945, to share its engineering expertise in projects for rehabilitation and reconstruction, especially, hydropower generation in Japan.

Through the years, CTI Engineering International Co., Ltd. or CTII has developed with more experience and expertise in various engineering fields. Today, with its more experienced and qualified staff and engineers to address the various needs and challenges of the present society, such as the building of national resilience against natural disasters and the implementation of structural and non‑structural measures to reinforce the aging infrastructures and, eventually, revitalize regional communities. In 2015, the CTI Group’s long‑term vision called “CLAVIS 2015” was formulated for continuous development in the future.

In September 2017, the CTI Philippine Branch was established with its principal office of business located in the City of Manila. With its vision to contribute to a better and safer life for all people in the world through the delivery of professional consulting services to its various clients honestly and sincerely, CTII will strive to become a world‑class representative of consulting firms of Japan and to continuously expand its expertise with a new value as a reliable partner to its clients.