In September 2017, the CTI Philippine Branch was established with its principal office of business located in the City of Manila. With its vision to contribute to a better and safer life for all people in the world through the delivery of professional consulting services to its various clients honestly and sincerely, CTII will strive to become a world‑class representative of consulting firms of Japan and to continuously expand its expertise with a new value as a reliable partner to its clients.

Areas of Expertise

Water Resource Management

Based on the concept of Integrated Water Resources Management, we support the project formulation for water resources management and development on the bases of state and river basin. We are also striving for Grant Aid projects as well as PPP projects in the area of water supply.

Disaster Management

In consideration of natural conditions, socio-economic state and regional development programs in the target area, we put forward a proposal on countermeasures effective for disaster risk mitigation and management, including an appropriate allocation between the structural measures against natural disasters and the non-structural measures for damage determent and mitigation.

Roads and Bridges

We provide extensive consulting services including formulation of master plans, feasibility studies, designing, construction supervision, operation & maintenance and others in the sector of roads and bridges. We also put a great deal of effort in the projects for capacity development and ITS.


CTII’s expertise and wide breadth of experience in roads and highway architectural and engineering design, preparation of costs to the clients and benefits to the users, and procurement makes the company the best partner to public and private clients that are into planning and design of roads, bridges, and highway network. Gives detailed advises, in-depth and practical insights, research-backed recommendations in planning and design of transport systems and programs.

Environment and Social Development

Environmental and social assessment is weaved into the whole life cycle of any water supply, roads and bridges, transport, river management, flood risk management, and sanitation projects from preparatory study to construction supervision and implementation planning. This is in compliance with the environmental and social safeguards principles laid down by both the private sector and different International Financing Institutions that comprise the ODA sector of the international management consulting industry such as ADB, World Bank, and JICA.

Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage

CTII has helped through a number of projects in providing safe water and innovative and effective treatment of wastewater in rural and urban cities in different parts of the world, including the Philippines. Services include water quality assessment, compliance with water quality standards, design of treatment facilities using technologies that are innovative but cost competitive, study and design of measures to protect water source, and facilities design, master planning, and construction supervision.

Latest News

CTII as Event Chair and Presenters in the 1st Philippine Roads, Bridges and Tunnel Construction and Development Summit 2019

The 1st Philippine Roads, Bridges, and Tunnel Construction and Development Summit was organized by MYKAR Events Consultancy and have brought together government agencies, international and local consultants, engineering and construction companies and solution providers in a 2-day event that focused and discussed on-going infrastructure projects, investment strategies, business and operational challenges, and innovative solutions and […]

Inauguration of FRIMP-Tagoloan River Basin Flood Control

Mr. Shuji Kaku, PM of FRIMP-Tagoloan River Basin Flood Control, graced the facility’s inauguration given by DPWH’s Sec. Mark Villar and Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines Koji Haneda. Also present in the unveiling of the marker of the new dike were USEC for UPMO and Technical Services Emil K. Sadain, JICA Chief Representative Yoshio Wada, […]

CTI Receives Maynilad TAP Awards for Outstanding Consultancy Services

Mr. Kazuyoshi Fujimoto, Project Director of the Construction Management of Valenzuela Sewage Treatment Plant and Interceptor System, received the 8th Top Achievement for Partners (TAP) Awards for Outstanding Consultancy Services for the said project bestowed by Maynilad on October 24, 2018. CTI has been nominated since 2015 for the TAP award given by Maynilad annually […]

ADB Transaction Technical Assistance Contract Awarded to CTI

CTI has been recently awarded by Asian Development Bank a Transaction Technical Assistance contract for Integrated Flood Risk Management Sector Project. The project will run from Dec. 2018 to June 2020 with Mr. Takashi Furukawa at the helm and supported by Training and Technology Transfer, Inc. The project is implemented by the Department of Public […]