Preparatory Survey for Southern Mindanao Improvement Project: Construction of Davao Bypass, 2015


Agency in 2015. This was an off shoot of the 2010 Master Plan Study on High Standard Highway Network Development that proposed the design and construction of a four-lane Bypass in the City of Davao. The bypass is composed of a four-lane 37-km road, 5-km bridge, and a 2.3-km tunnel whose construction method is patterned after the tunnels in Japan. The main objective of the project is to improve the transport logistics and mitigate congestion in Davao City which in the past 20 years has become a progressive, highly-livable and urbanized city in the Philippines with well-designed commercial and social amenities, facilities, and infrastructures such as international ports and airports that cater to both local and international tourists and the movement of world-renowned bananas, pineapples, and papayas.

The assignment consisted of review of design principles and standards, conduct of engineering surveys, preparation of engineering design/construction execution plan, conduct of environmental and social impact assessment towards preparation of a resettlement action plan, traffic survey and demand forecast, procurement procedures/modalities and conditionalities, and preparation of operations and maintenance plans. The study also took into consideration disaster risk assessment and management as an important aspect to examine and establish the technical and financial viability of the Bypass project while meeting national and international social and environmental safeguards principles.