CTI Receives Maynilad TAP Awards for Outstanding Consultancy Services

Mr. Kazuyoshi Fujimoto, Project Director of the Construction Management of Valenzuela Sewage Treatment Plant and Interceptor System, received the 8th Top Achievement for Partners (TAP) Awards for Outstanding Consultancy Services for the said project bestowed by Maynilad on October 24, 2018. CTI has been nominated since 2015 for the TAP award given by Maynilad annually in recognition of top performing vendors. Aside from the Valenzuela project, CTI is also completing the Consultancy Services for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management of the Proposed Upgrading of Dagat-Dagatan STP to 205 MLD South Caloocan-Malabon-Navotas  (CAMANA) Water Reclamation Facility for Maynilad.

ADB Transaction Technical Assistance Contract Awarded to CTI

CTI has been recently awarded by Asian Development Bank a Transaction Technical Assistance contract for Integrated Flood Risk Management Sector Project. The project will run from Dec. 2018 to June 2020 with Mr. Takashi Furukawa at the helm and supported by Training and Technology Transfer, Inc. The project is implemented by the Department of Public Works and Highways represented by USEC Emil Sadain with the support of its Flood Control and Sabo Engineering Center (FCSEC). A major output of the project is a preliminary road map and policy framework and investment program for flood risk management (FRM) for the Philippines.

JICA-funded Bangsamoro Infrastructure Needs Survey Project Awarded to CTII

The Bangsamoro Infrastructure Needs Survey Project funded by JICA was awarded to CTII in December 2018. Mr. Mitsuo Kiuchi, Senior Chief Engineer of CTII’s Transport Development Division, is assigned as Project Manager to be supported by Nashreen Sinarimbo and other company engineers. The project sets to complete four (4) tasks in a period of four (4) months, namely: Identify and integrate projects proposed by various studies and agencies, interview different stakeholders to get insights on project needs, create a list of projects, and from the list select those for high priority implementation. Visual output will be a map showing the locations of the projects and their inter-relationship.